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. >> jason hamel on the hill tonight. cc sabathia for the yankees. baltimore improves to 4-1. deborah weiner has more on that story. >> not the prettiest game in the history of the nfl, the ravens will remember the most important part of the week, the road win. kansas city cannot hang onto the football. a tough day for the chiefs. the second game in a row with an interception for williams, the most important player on the field this afternoon, the ticker. good from 39 yards. the ravens are up 9-3. joe flacco avoids everybody on the defense. they get the win 9-6 and sit alone atop the afc north. in the second quarter, the big bend has the 13 yard pass for the touchdown. the steelers go up 7-0. in the fourth quarter, vick connects to clark. with just three seconds left in the game, the steelers kicker is the game winner. the steelers squeeze out with the win 16-13 final. stay with us. john collins is back with the 7- day forecast. >> here is the forecast. the percentages are low for rain. they are in the morning and evening. most of the week will be dry. a good chance of rain later in the day
of the alds. the yankees had a true ace, c.c. sabathia, who dominated for the 3-1 victory but incredible memories for 96 wins this season and breathed life back into baseball in baltimore. >> it would have been awesome to get the alcs game at home but our fan base knows we gave it our all, we beat a lot of odds, proved a lot of people wrong. >> when you look back and think about the season, it will be remembered as the team that brought baseball back after that long spell of down year, we really raised the bar this year. >> that hasn't come up but nobody's more interested in keeping him than i am. to have buck as the manager and then as a g.m., you couldn't ask for a better comnagy. combination. as far as the local team is concerned, we will be back next year. >> a bold statement from mr. angelis and that is the great challenge, to have this something that the orioles build on for 2013. pete gilbert, wbal, tv-11 sports. >> twitter has been overflowing with thoughts of support. giving manager buck showalter a shout-out -- meantime, the 11 news i-team follows the story of anastasia olouch,
, orioles and yankees. o's down 2 and down to their final out. c.c. sabathia trying to finish off a complete game four hitter, matt wieters at the dish, groundout and that's your ball game. c.c. becomes the first yankees pitcher since 2000 to pitch a complete game in the postseason. orioles fall in game five 3-1, an amazing run for the o's, 95 wins on the season. baseball's biggest turnaround team. pat least the alcs is set. yankees host the tigers in game one in a best of seven starting tomorrow night at 8:00. >> no rest for the weary. thanks. >>> if the nats win tonight, they will play the san francisco giants sunday. you can watch it right here on fox 5. game one of the world series scheduled for wednesday, october 24th, is also on fox. >>> following a big story from colorado tonight where police say a child predator is on the loose responsible for the death of a 10-year-old girl who went missing last week. fox's dan springer reports. >> reporter: a body found near denver, colorado, identified as the missing 10-year-old girl. >> the body that was found in arvada has been positively ident
. on to the game.... cc sabathia starting for the yankees, hh's always tough in the playoffs. bottom of the 3rd. o's down 1-0, but have two mee on base...... naae mclouth, gets the single off sabathia...two runners come around to score... and the yankees tie it in ttee4th... and then the bats go silent ffr bothhteams until the 9th inning.... orioles' clooer pim johnssn in the game....e's been great this year... but not on this pitch. first batter of the inning, russell martin goes deep outttooleft and the yankees would not stop the american league divisiooal 3313 we're going to bounce back, we'll be fine. we havv all the confideece in the bullpen, and we have to dooa better job f pushing runs across, ann give them leads in tight games. & there's not much time to think about it, theetwo teams finished today, and will plaa again today in camden yards, at 8:00. p thh tough loss doesn't has beee transformed by the orioles this year.the team won its first playoff game in 5 still a ton of confidenceeas this serres wiih the yankees 3 joel d. smith live postgame comments from the re playe
tomorrow at 6:00 at camden yards. but showalter said that jason hammel will get the start against cc sabathia. last night, joe saunders allowed just one run at over just five innings. adam jones's sacrifice fly gave the birds the 2-1 lead. nate mcclouth scores another. in the ninth, a couple of insurance runs. how about their rookie, manny machado, base hit, 4-1. things got a little bit dicey for jim johnson, but he gets david murphy to fly out. the orioles win, 5-1, their first playoff win since game 5 of the 1997 american league championship series. >> as a baseball player and athlete, you always want to prove people wrong. we strive on that. nobody really gave me a chance and i wanted to prove people wrong. >>> usually the ravens are the talk of town this time of year, and at 1:00 things will be back to normal tomorrow when the ravens face the kansas city chiefs in kansas city. normally this would be considered a track game, but a fainthe same thing could have bn said about the browns a couple weeks ago. the ravens pulled out the victory and they're hoping to do the same tomorrow.
if it'll be tillen or hammel tooorrrw but they'll against c-c sabathia for the showdown.first pitch is at's do or dde.but we're used to this... the yankess and orioles have eachother in this series... pnd in 41 of those iinings... the gamm was wwthin one run. pive in fflls point, i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. last night to honor a family thaa fell victim to a housee fire in northeest ballimore. baltimore.13735 takera is with god.... 13740 13740a grandmother and our children died in the fire on denwood road yesterday morning. firefighterr saidd hey were trapped on the seconn floor oo out. the victims have been dentified as 5--ear-old year-old great-granddon james grandchildren ... 2-year-old k'niyah scott... 4-year old ddrryl stewart... and 7-year-ood tykyla manley. five fire....including worrell's 19-yeerrold daaghter ... who threw her 2-month ood baby out of a window before jumpinn to safety. many of the family members gathered at nearby moravia middle choolllater in the day... wwere ttey got food and shelter and a visit ffom mayyr stephanie ((mayor 50:34 "bec
and that is part of being a team. >> the first pitch for tonight's game is 5:07 p.m. cc sabathia starts for the yanks. he allowed to runs in game 1 and he was one out shy of a complete game. >> speaking of the big game tonight, let's look at the forecast that in new york city. a weak cold front is making its way onto the east coast right now. those are the showers them moved to pennsylvania and are now pushing along long island as well. new york city just got a brief bit of showers and now it looks like they are trying out. we do expect -- they are drying out. we do expect the temperatures to be in the upper-50's. but it could be cooler when you factor in the wind. we expect the wind tonight to be northwest at 15 miles per hour and it will be chilly, low-50's the upper-40's. more details on the seven best when we come back. >> the kenyan women brought back to the u.s. to answer charges of abusing a nursing home patient has pled not guilty today. the trial date for anise tussah is no scheduled for december 12. her legend of use of a 90-year- old man was caught on tape, fled to native ken
.... cc sabathia always tough in the playoffs. bottom of the 3rd. o's down 1-0, but have two men on base...... nate mclouth, gett the single off sabathia...two runners come around to score... and the ooioles take the lead!!! yankees tie it in the 4th... and then the ats go silent for both teams until the 99h jimmjohnson in the game...he's not on this pitch. first batter of the iining, russell martin gges deep out to left and the yankees would not stop there. they score 5 runs off johnson, and take game one of the american league divisional series, 7-2.. great atmosphere.... tough result. 3313 we're going to bounce back, we'll be fine. we have alllthe confidence in the bullpen, and we have to do a better job of pushing runs acrrss, and give hhre's not much time to think about it, the two teams finished today, and will play at 8:00. the tough loss doeen't change the fact that this town has been transformed by the orioles this year.the team won years on friday, and there's still a ton of confidence as this series with the yankees continues. joel d. smith live at panera in towsoo
peeds around froo 2nd to score wwthout aa batters later...nnwwbases sabathia gets naae mclouth swinging for the 2nd out....then it's jj hardy... bouncers to jeter...makes the off balanced throw...orioles cannt get any 9...lasttchance or the birds...wieters hits it back to the mound...sabathia 3-1 in ggme 5...they move on to play the tigers innthe alcs... 3 3 3 roll cue: "team is holding on to tonight" 3 as... bad... as ...this loss... felt... on the fans... are theeones... whoo.. will... haaeeto live... with it... april. keith daniels... downtown ... tonight.../ with... an orioles nntion... that wishes... they had... at... least... one... more game... octoberr 3 3 3 in owntown baltimore, keith daniels, foxx5 news at ten. 3 33 -3 baatimore... cooptrolleer.. joan pratt... is... suing... mayor... stephanii thee.. city cooncil... áyouá... saw... first on fox...///. pratt.... - and... ciiy councill.. of... thwarting the city... awaaring.... a... pucrative contract... to... "digicon"...
. on to the game.... cc sabathia starting for the yankees, he's always tough in the playoffs. bottom of the 3rd. o's down 1-0, but hhve two men on base...... nate sabathia...two runnerr come f - around to scorr... and the orioles take the lead!! yankeesstie it in the 4th... and then the bats go silent for booh teams untillthe 9th inning.... orioles' closer jim johnson in the game...he's been great this yeaa... but not on thii pitch. first bbtter of the inning, russell &pmartin goes deep out to left and the yankees would not stop therr. thee score 5 runs ff johnson, and take game one of the american league divviiinal series, 7-2. (("you know, we had our to watch.")) watch.")) the two teams play againn tonight at camden yyrds, at 8:00. that tough loss doesn't change the fact ttat this town has been transforred bb thee orioles this year.the team won its first playoff game in 15 years on friday, anddtheee's still a ton of confidencc as this series with the yankees joel d. smith live at panera in towson with more postgame cooments from the players, and he's also checking out how
the winner of the nats/cardinal playoff game. hammel going against cc sabathia and then the nationals and the cardinals. washington likes their chances with him on the mound. nfl, thursday night football, steelers on the road in music city. taking on the titans. first quarter, purposing from 22. it's not good. titans eventually recovered near the goal line. it led to a tennessee touchdown. four seconds left. score tied at 23. good from 40 yards out. the party is on in nashville. titans win the section of the season. steelers drop to 2-3 losing their third consecutive. >>> coming up at the top of the hour, joe biden and paul ryan get together for their one and only debate serving as proxies for the president and mitt romney. how did ryan do? we'll knock that around with our "morning joe" crew. when we come back here, we huddle around the water cooler to watch a near brawl in a debate in california. head locks and fingers in faces when way too early comes back. a great clean doesn't have to take longer. i'm done. i'm gonna read one of these. i'm gonna read one of these! [ female announc
, a second decker. c.c. sabathia got a complete game, struck out nine. the yankees win over the orioles 3-1. they get the tigers in the alcs. in washington, what a meltdown, cardinals 6-0 early, led 7 in the 9th and lost it as del scazo off the glove. he would lead the charge as the cardinals would come back. pete cosma to the nine 9th. cardinals rallying, and they are coming to san francisco to kick off the nlcs tomorrow. have a good day. >>> on to college football, only one major bay area team is at home today. st. joseph's state tries to extend a four-game winning street against the aggies at spartan stadium. the homecoming game starts at 1:00 this afternoon. 17th-ranked stanford is in los angeles today to take on number seven usc at 12:30 and it's the california golden bears at washington state 7:30 tonight. >>> some rare memorabilia all connected to the white house. just ahead, a look at some presidential items sold at auction. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, closed captioning brought to you by sleep train, wishing you a fun and safe halloween. [ train whistle blows ] resc
:30 with the first pitch scheduled after that. >>> tigers beat the yankees last night. cc sabathia is scheduled to pitch tonight at 5:00. >>> san francisco authorities say they've arrested 64-year- old dr. marvin bonham faces 18 felony counts of trading prescriptions for cash and methamphetamine. he's medical director in santa clara county. investigators say he also provided meth and marijuana to minors. he's scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow. >>> in developing news out of pacifica, police are investigating the discovery of a body. we have little information about what happened. but the intersection of lindomar boulevard is closed for the investigation. 24 is -- is video from newschopper2 just after 10:00 this morning. some media reports. but police have not confirmed that. we'll have more details on the website and coming up later in newscasts as the information becomes available. the oakland police -- >>> the oakland police say 23- year-old charles butler was did you gunned down a -- was gunned down a few blocks from the market. they say this began when butler was parallel parking next to a
was postponed yesterday due to rain. the tigers have a 3-0 series lead. the yankees start their top pitcher, c.c. sabathia. >>> it's a happy day for the blond boomer for sure. his luck changed. >> ahead, the sea lion had another big day today. >> steve will be up soon to tell you how much the bay area will heat up this afternoon and he has a check on weather for the baseball game in st. louis. Ñ introducing the chase liquid reloadable card. with chase liquid, there's no waiting and no fee to activate you can load cash and checks at any chase depositfriendly atm and there are no withdrawal fees at over 17,500 chase atms all for one flat fee of $4.95 per month. get rid of prepaid problems. get chase liquid. >>> the great california shook out earthquake drill happened at 10:18 this morning. san francisco mayor fire and police chief were with kids at charles elementary school. they dropped, held cover to prepare for the next big earthquake. >> in case anything happens you have to have preparation, be ready for things. that's why we do these drills. we want to practice, practice and practice. >> mor
against yankee ace cc sabathia that sent the tigers to the world series after a four game sweep of the new york yankees. announcer ernie johnson has that call. take a listen. >> this is going to do it. prince fielder wants it. the tigers are going to the world series for the 11th time in franchise history. >> get the brooms out. >>> all right. finally, she's known as the flying squirrel. gabby douglas, the first african-american to bring home the gold medal in gymnastics all around competition was honored as sports woman of the year by the women's sports foundation. well deserved there. congratulations, gabby. >>> well, just ahead, actress and obama supporter eva longoria is apologizing to mitt romney. we'll tell you why. >>> plus, have you ever seen a baby panda learn to walk? it's pretty cool and adorable. we'll show you. you're watching "early today." >>> good friday morning to you. let's start with today to get you out the door. we are watching showery type weather in the northwest. the front is going to try to push through during the day today. temperatures a little cool there. a litt sabathia gets mclouthhchasing the slider to end the inning....bottom of thh 7th...2-0 yankees...troy patton hangs one to curtis grannerron...that's not coming back...solo blast...pinstripps oo the 8th... birdssget on the board...lew &pford singges into left...matt wweters races arounn from 2nn...orioles trail 3-1.... robert annino sttps to the plate...chops it to the throw to at 3rd....ries to gee - machadd's safe...bases full of birds with one maa up...mclouth...he's been the hero all series...but he can't touch the slider....then jj hardy chops it to short... hardy out by a step...o's leave the bases 9...sabathha trying to go the awful ssries by the orioles center fielder...ooly 2 to left for out number one.... next batter...chris davis... terrrble at-batssin newwyorkk.. chases the high heat for cc'ss 9th k of the game....o's final chance...wieters ttps it back to thh mound...ccctosses to and season...yankees eliminate the orioles 3-1 in game 5... itts the first complete game by a yankee in the playoffs si
momento y mas adelante les cuento como van. en el candem yard las cosas puero distintas porque cc sabathia, russell martin y los yankees de nueva york arruinaron una fiesta que llevaba 15 años de preparación. russell martin abrió la novena con el jonrón del desempate contra jim johnson, mientras sabathia ofreció una actuación brillante y los yankees derrotaron por 7-2 a los orioles de baltimore en el primer juego de su serie divisional en la liga americana. sabathia admitió dos carreras y ocho imparables en ocho entradas y dos tercios para impulsar a los yankees que tomaron la ventaja al frustrar el primer partido de los orioles como anfitriones en postemporada desde 1997. el segundo partido de la serie será esta noche siempre en candem yard de baltimore. por la nfl, las cosas no fueron completas como se penso porque solo el equipo de baltimore gano y los redskins volvieron a perder en casa. vamos a kansas city, en el duelo de la semana 5 entre los ravens y los chiefs que se resolvió sin anotaciones para baltimore con marcador de 9-6. durante el medio tiempo solamente se registra
anotaciones en la cuarta entrada contra cc sabathia, quien fue incapaz de evitar que los yanquis fueran barridos en una serie de postemporada por primera vez en 32 aÑos. detroit ganÓ su 11er tÍtulo de la liga americana y primero desde 2006. los tigres tienen cinco dÍas de descanso antes de que inicie el miÉrcoles la serie mundial contra el campeo Ón defensor san luis o el campeÓn de 2010 san francisco que estan jugando su serie particular.en otra estadistica, detroit supero en imparables a nueva york por 16-2 en el juego final y por 46-22 y tras el paro por la clasificaciÓn al mundial de brasil 2014 se reanuda la actividad en la mls. y con buenas noticias para dc united, resulta que el mediocampista chris pontius es candidato formar el equipo ideal de la liga, ademas candidato al retorno, tras una lesiÓn que lo dejo fuera por varios meses. chris pontius tiene 29 partidos jugados, 24 como titular, 12 goles anotados, 4 asistencias, 65 disparos a la porterÍa, 28 con oportunidad de gol y por cierto dc united recibe este sabado a las 7:30 de la noche en el rfk a columbus crew pa
tomorroo but they'lll get it done doneit'll be hammel taking the agaiist c-c sabathia ffr the showdown.first pitth is at be sure to tune in toofox45 first to be on the air after phe orioles game.. and will bbing you post game coverage live from new yorkk ttday... for the suspeccs in the towson town center shooting. shooting.william ward the third and frank williams weer convicted last month... of &pfirst ddggeeemurder for the killinn of odney pridget.the shooting took place last december. 3 president obamm and mitt romney hit the road today... for another ccmpaign stop.both candidatessare scheduled to the me comes after last night's spirited vice prrsidential debate.according to a nn/o---c poll conducted right after the faceoff.....44 percent think paul ryan won... giving im a four ppintt &padvantage over joe biden.they tackleddsevvral serious topicss.. like the libba attacc.. iran's nuclear policy and the economy.but joe biden's inability to keep a everyone's talkinn about this m. natsrning.bidee laughing nats biden wassunder pressure to gain ground after president obama's widely p
cuadrangular de dos carreras en un ataque de cuatro anotaciones en la cuarta entrada contra cc sabathia, quien fue incapaz de evitar que los yankees fueran barridos en una serie de postemporada por primera vez en 32 aÑos. detroit ganÓ su 11er tÍtulo de la liga americana y primero desde 2006. los tigres tendran cinco dÍas de descanso antes de que inicie el miÉrcoles la serie mundial contra el campeo Ón defensor san luis o el campeÓn de 2010 san francisco. mientras tanto en san luis, una victoria mÁs y los cardenales tendrÁn de nuevo la oportunidad de acudir a la serie mundial tras haber llegado a los playoffs con el boleto comodÍn. anoche derrotaron 8-3 a los gigantes de san francisco para tomar ventaja de 3-1 en la serie por el campeonato de la liga nacional. los cardenales, campeones defensores de la serie mundial, pueden lograr su segundo banderÍn consecutivo habiÉndose clasificado con el comodÍn si ganan esta lamentablemente no para el tema de dopaje en el boxeo. les cuento que richard schaefer, principal oficial ejecutivo de golden boy promotions, informÓ que la compaÑÍa f
bbigger than t. thiss.. &pright now it's aascoreless ti in the 4th sabathia has been domiiant...4 strikeouts in 3 inniigs... last night was a preety fans...not only did the orioles beat the yynkees to football side of things... - things...tte arch rrval pittsburgh steelers llst...too came in onlyy1-4 on the season...thhy t a touchdown &ppasssfrom ben roethlisberger ii tte defeat....ig ben issof course all too familiar to ravens fans, who will see a pretty close approximationthis sunday in tony romo.. game reaction from game 5... - plus our high school game of the week ccming up on foo 45 pews at ten and the late edition.... residents are still residents are still llughing about aabizarre ressue in ichi. michigan.... 3 &p3&pa... curr racccon... had a stickyytime... when it balancedd.. oo... a... utilityy pole... with... a... jar jammed ...on pts head...//. neighbors... pole... and... refused to come down...///. crews... tried... to... coax it down tuesday,.../ but... it was too afraid...///. early ednesday &pmorning,... the raacoon fiially felt comfortable
jefferson winning 18,000 votes this week. almost 20,000, that's pretty good. finally yankees, tigers. c.c. sabathia, this is a neck- turning pitch. because when you throw that pitch, your neck turns to see it to watch it go. orioles fans are wondering why couldn't this yankee fan show up? tigers sweep them heading on to the world series 8-1. there you go. we'll be right back. >>> thank you for joining us. >>> what was that? some kind of thumping. >> pockets of junk, right? [ laughter ] >> that's our broadcast. we've got to go. >> don't forget we're always on letterman is next.
it will drop to $35. >> in fact, an sorry ideal or two fan in line. >> game four tomorrow. he will hold c.c. sabathia. lots to watch tonight. we're live at -- at yankees stadium. >> that will clench it for sure. all right. thanks so much. >> baltimore is ready for that big win. they unveiled a good luck banner to show the city's support. you're truly the best baseball fans. we have proof. le a find it -- you'll find it on you'll find post season pics. they're all on there. >> that's good. >>> you got to go to the doctor. the first thing they ask -- do i have to get a shot? >> an alternative to the flu shot. >> more cases of meningitis in maryland. we'll explain why one doctor said there's no need to pan eke. >> your dog may show you affection by giving you a smooch but you should put pan end to puckering up to your pooch. it's heavy lifting. you start with a democratic senator named ben. by getting bwi-marshall funding for new runways, he's helping us serve 21 million passengers a year, which helps keep 100,000 jobs that depend on the airport, and that means more cargo for mor
of the a.l. division playoffs tonight. jason hammel takes the hill against yankees' ace c.c. sabathia. the game time is 6:00. new this morning, baltimore city police investigating an overnight shooting in northeast baltimore. officers received a call just before 4:30 this morning sending them to the 3400 block of dudley avenue where they found a man suffering from a gunshot wound. state officials are confirming a case of meningitis. nationwide, the centers for disease control and prevention says the outbreak has spread to 60 people across nine states. two of those cases were in maryland, one of them fatal. >> it seems even in tough economic times the real estate market in some cities holding strong and that seems to be the case in london. >> one tiny apartment with one hefty price tag. >> some are compact, others bijou, there are studios, then there's flat 8-s. nothing quite prepares are you for something so small. this is it, all of it. there is no more. 10'4" by 8'4". >> i can't touch from one side to other without hitting the wall. i am 6'1" tall. and this is the length of the flat
on the yankees. buck showalter has tapped jason hammel to take the mound against c.c. sabathia. sabathia hasn't seemed like an ace at camden yards. >> the players aren't the only ones getting ready for the game. so are the fans who have waited a decade and a half for this day to arrive. >> camden yards is getting dressed up for playoff pageantry. the buntings in the warehouse. television crews are setting up cameras along the lower and upper decks, allowing viewers to see more angles of the game. this preparation started hours after fans went crazy after friday night's win. >> i haven't seen the city this pumped up since the ravens games or 1997. >> this local sports wear design shop worked all night to print the new playoff victory t-shirts. >> we know it's going to be crazy before we got here 7:00 in the morning, people were waiting to open up. we opened up at 8:00. >> bars and restaurants have begun setting up barriers for the crowds that won't be in the ballpark for sunday's game. security experts are strategize for what will be a busy beginning of the week. >> opening day is pretty large
. a second deck shot into right field enough for cc sabathia, a complete game. yankees win. final 3-1. >>> now, the as were supposed to lose 100 games, remember? no. i talked with general manager billy beane. the group should be back in 2013. >> we set out to have something sustainable and stability for a couple of years. the one good thing last night when we knew this team was coming back by and large. that's good. >> top five number 5 nationwide series in charlotte. joey logano tallest driver on tour 6'5" eighth series win of the year. number 4 qualifying match versus antigua eddie johnson up top for the goal. u.s. wins 2-1. number 3, second round moment, guy can putt. four shot lead. college basketball midnight mass doug anderson over three cheerleaders but at number one, ho ho, missouri's kenyon bell dumps over 6 take that one as we go to break. ,,,,,,,, want your best rest ever? then don't miss sleep train's best rest event. you'll find sleep train's very best mattresses at the guaranteed lowest price. plus, pay no interest for 3 years on beautyrest black, stearns & f
games and move on to the world series. cc sabathia, he will be on the morning news at 4:30. the bodies of five people were found inside a bar and grill early this morning. in a news conference, investigators say the men and women suffered from some sort of trauma. this is happening in denver and the fire is being investigated as arson. >>> former california lieutenant governor will be laid to rest this afternoon. he died at the age of 86. his health had been on the decline. he was the first african- american to serve in the senate and as the lieutenant governor. governor governor jerry brown will be among the state leaders to honor him today. >>> hundreds turned out to honor kief -- chris stevens' life. >>> they will deliver billions of dollars to california schools. proposition 38 is funded almost entirely by molly hunger. it raises taxes for four years and it will be for those who earn more than ever $0,000. prop 38 will raise $10 billion a year. >> 38, those two things that are very important, it raises 8 times more money for schools than 30 and all that new money for schools goes d
an almost is your moundable 3-0 lead and they are advancing to the world series. cc sabathia will pitch for the yankees. >>> you remember it? >> i do. >> well today is the anniversary of that earthquake which hit the bay area in 1989 where 63 people were killed then. now 9 million all over california will take part in the great california shake out earthquake drill. they will practice dropping rolling and holding on. other schools and organizations will take part in this and this all takes place at 10:18 tomorrow morning. >>> it was an unusual place which happened in maine. a 4.0 magnitude quake, they saw that one as far away as connecticut. >> my bed was shaking back and forth and i was not quite sure with what it was. >> no, it was a quake, in fact it was the strongest since 2006 which is when a 4.2 magnitude earthquake hit. >> 6:38 is the time what are you keeping an eye on now. >> all kinds of east bay traffic pam and dave, we are looking at the commute and it is a little bit slow coming into the livermore valley. there was a minor accident on 680 and we have some slowed traffic als
. they have a 3-0 series and the yankees will be sending in their top pitcher, cc sabathia, so we'll see what happens. >> we'll see. >> okay, time now is 5:38, sal was covering a problem last night. >> yes, that is right, it is a san mateo bridge problem, where with you see those indicators, it is an overturned vehicle, traffic may be heavy in this area trying to get to that, but it does look good on to the brim. so far it is light getting into san francisco. if you are driving through antioch, so far it looks good over to bay point. let's go to steve. >> thank you, it is a little different pattern and that was severe weather. >> we are wrapping around spokes in the wheel, i think we'll see some light rain but the bigger message is how cool it will be. it is going to be a cooler pattern. clear skies, 40s 50s and 60s and cooler temperatures are on the coast. here comes the westerly breeze a little bit later and that will take the edge off of us. that leading edge, there it is is starting to work its way towards us. especially up in the higher elevations out of caldecott, over to mt. diablo. ye
-0 in that series and yankees will bring out one of their top players, vallejo native cc sabathia to go against those tigers. >>> 6:41, support is growing for a gay scout who was denied eagle status. a call is going out to rethink their antigay policy. >>> the city is getting ready for an extreme sporting event. we will tell you why it is out there, we will have more on the bay area weather and commute straight ahead. . >>> here is a quick look at some of the top stories, at 6:44 a home in castro valley, a body was found as firefighters were putting out a fire. officials say the fire appears suspicious. the cause of death of victim is still being investigated. reportedly two people who lived in that house is a -- one of them is a retired san francisco firefighter. >>> he claims he was robbed after leaving a neighborhood crime meeting. he was standing near his car when a man with a gun demanded his wallet and phone and told him to run away. he was not hurt but says the whole thing is ironic because he is running on an anti- platform. >>> -- anticrime platform. >>> people from santa cruz county,
to make it 6-0, tigers. yankees starter cc sabathia gave up 11 hits and 6 runs in less than 4 innings of work. >> thank god the yankees have a-rod. >> he gets a chance to hit with the tigers, up 8-1 but he hits a weak ground ball to the shortstop. he finished the game hitless in two at-bats. tigers, one out away from the world series. jayson nix pops is up to prince fielder to end it. the tigers win, 8-1, and are headed to the world series, looking for their first title since 1984. >>> the yankees are swept out of the postseason for the first time in 32 years. >> and their .157 team batting average was the lowest in a league championship since 1965. >> a-rod, he insured reporters that he has no plans to leave yankees. how much is he making? >> way too much money. you have people wringing their hands saying how horrible the yankees are. they had a bad series. >> yes. >> what happened over in the national league? >> in the nlcs -- >> you said from the very beginning, you said, joe, i think the tigers are going to sweep the yankees. you want a good series, watch the cards. >> the cardina
to barry zito friday night. >>> a-rod, a spectator with the season on the line. miguel cabrera, off of c.c. sabathia. the two-run shot puts the tigers up 2-0, in the fourth. jhonny peralta looking to add to it. he will. that one is gone. two homers in the game. tigers up 6-0. they had 16 hits. top of the ninth. yanks trailing 8-1. and jayson nix to prince fielder. tigers sweep the yanks in the first time in the postseason since 1980. >>> alex smith and the niners looking for the best in the nfc west. niners down three. smith, to walker. the first touchdown. and just about a tiptoe there. under a minute to play. niners up 13-6. russell wilson, finding ben. short of the first down. but a penalty on the play. 49ers decline it. they win 13-6. >>> that is a look at your sports this morning. i'm jade mccarthy. hope you have a great day. >> thanks, jade. >>> you wouldn't think this is possible unless you see it. it took place in a high school football game in spokane, washington. >> central valley high, austin rico steps up and nails a 67-yard field goal, sending the game to overtime. 67 yards. f
the mvp taking cc sabathia deep in the 4th inning, detroit beat the yankees 4-1 to lock up their spot in the world series next week. it's the first time the yankees have been swept in the best-of- seven series since 1976. i think they hid about .156 in the series. they were awful. i'm not a big yankees fan. my heart don't bleed for those guys. the 9ers won. that was good news. >> that is good. 4:34. let's get another look at weather. lawrence has left yours. >> he has. >> hey. >> in san jose with a shovel. >> i'm ready to go to work. they are going to be doing a lot of work here in san jose. they are building a whole new san jose for the san jose earthquakes. in fact they are planning on a groundbreaking ceremony this weekend and it's going to be a world record-breaker. if you wanted to be in the guinness book of world records you can join in. the shovels are down here if you want to come down. san jose this morning not bad. it is mostly clear but we have seen some changes overnight. some low clouds and fog moved in along the coast very damp out at the beaches. we are look at some dri
this week. almost 20,000, that's pretty good. finally yankees, tigers. c.c. sabathia, this is a neck- turning pitch. because when you throw that pitch, your neck turns to see it to watch it go. orioles fans are wondering why couldn't this yankee fan show up? tigers sweep them heading on to the world series 8-1. there you go.
and without jeter -- >> cc sabathia on the mound, that should have been a sure win. no way. >> no. >>> time right now though is 4:39. we're in for some early morning showers followed by a pretty nice day. howard is going to be back in two minutes with a warmer forecast. >> and end of the day report from google sends stocks tumbling. >> a once popular magazine announces plans to stop publishing. both of those stories at 4:43. >> 9news now returns in two minutes. >>> 4:41 on this friday morning. we've got a break in some of the shower activity. i think another round to go especially later this morning. looking bet they are afternoon. temperatures getting up to about 74 for that tie with a stray shower -- high with a stray shower still possible east of washington. right now here's monika with timesaver traffic. >>> northbound 95 in springfield it's friday morning light. no issues to report, look at that good time to head out the door. by the way on the inner loop accident clean-up before route 355 in bethesda. >>> thanks monika. time right now is 4:42 and i am watching your money on wall stree
lead in the series and no arod. bottom 4, tigers ahead of c.c. sabathia, 2-0 and make it four. triple crown winner miguel cabrerra to the left and that is a two-run blast. the tigers not done in the fourth. three batters later, johnny peralta and he goes yard. cc gives up 11 hits, six runs and 3 2/3 innings pitched. the former cy young award winner and mvp. meanwhile, the other guy is play willing through five innings. and can you catch game four of the national league championship series. right here tonight and coming up on fox 5 and adam waynewright is come the first pitch is at 8:00. hope rain is not a factor. >> we're back after the game. hope you will be, too. have a fantastic night. oppo . in fact, he thinks abortion should be an option in cases of rape, incest, or to save a mother's life. this issue's important to me, but i'm more concerned about the debt our children will be left with. i voted for president obama last time, but we just can't afford four more years. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. but to me, it's money that i earned. [ romney ] i'm mitt r
time sunday 1:00 p.m. in houston. the tigers sweep the yankees in detroit. 8-1. cc sabathia was not the dominant pitcher. miguel cabrera with a home run. 4-1 tigers. alex rodriguez did not start. the tigers put it away. jhonny peralta hit two home runs. the cardinals win less night 8- 3. i want to rethink the students in glen burnie. huge sports fans. >> thank you. 6:26. mta bus,e you write an mta ride mind what you say. >> baltimore's summer sailabration brought boat loads of cash to the city. we will take a look at the receipts. >> volume is building. >> volume is building. as a pastor, my support for question 6 is rooted in my belief that the government should treat everyone equally. i would not want someone denying my rights based upon their religious views, therefore i should not deny others based upon mine. it's about fairness. this law does not force any church to perform a same sex marriage if it's against their beliefs. and that's what this is about. protecting religious freedom and protecting all marylanders equally under the law. join me in voting for question 6.
. detroit leads two- nothing in the fourth, when miguel cabrera hits a two- run homer. c-c sabathia gave up five earned runs in less than four innings. alex rodriguez was benched again. he pinch- hit in the sixth, but flies out to end the inning. he hit just .120 this post- season. the tigers win 8-1 to advance to the world series, while the yankees get swept in the playoffs for the first time in 32 years. in the national league, the cardinals beat the giants for a 3-1 series lead. former cubs broadcaster, bob brenly already has a new job. he's the new t-v anyst t t t t t t t t v v v v v v v v v v v e e e e e e e e t t t t t t t t brenly replaces former cubs first baseman mark grace who was arrested for d-u-i late in the season. as for brenly's replacement, kerry wood tells wgn radio that he has no interest in the job, while rick sutcliffe tells the tribune he would listen to an offer. n-h-l players are still locked out after negotiations broke off in toronto. the union made three counter- proposals to the fifty- fifty split, but talks only lasted an hour yesterday. n-h-l commissioner
tigers and in four games. cc sabathia got let up in game four, gave up six runs and three-plus innings of work and the yankees and alex rodriguez began the offseason while the tigers move on to the world series and await the winner of the cardinals and giants. and st. louis can wrap up the series with the win tonight. game 5 is here on fox at 8:00 p.m. >>> and finally, the redskins were fined $20,000 for violating injury information and they did not properly address in updates to the media. the buzz word, shaken up that day. >> thank you, lindsay. >>> one last look at the forecast, gary? >> i think we need to look at this again. check it out. sixtys, upper 60s for the weekend and next week, brian, we're going to jump into the lower and mid-70s, it's coming our way. >> now you have the news edge. the news is always on back here tonight late after the game. as governor, i cut five billion dollars in spending and balanced the budget every year. and tim kaine and i both cut our own pay as governors, to lead by example. mark warner and i reached across party lines to get th
jeter scores. 2-0, yankees. top of the ninth, 3-1 yanks. c.c. sabathia finishing off the complete game gets a ground right back to him. yankees win and advance to play and will open with detroit. 49ers don't need a lot of motivating to get ready for this weekend's rematch of the nfc championship game from last season. they did find some fuel. the defensive lineman justin smith was accused of using illegal tactics. he responded to gilbreath's accusation. >> better get with it. i don't know what he's talking about it to be honest with you. if he's trying to talk himself up good for him. >> yeah. then 49ers head coach jim harbaugh piled on. here is his quote. kevin gilbride's outrageous irrational statement regarding justin smith's play is first an absurd analogy. second it is an incendiary comment targeting one of the truly exemplary players in this league. and who can forget tomorrow right here on nbc bay area stanford cardinal number 17 in the nation hit the road to take on on number seven notre dame. coverage starts here at 12:30 in the afternoon here on nbc bay area. that will do it.
away gone. a second deck shot into right field enough for cc sabathia a complete game. struck out 9 only gave up one run. yankees win. yankees win final 3-1. they are going to play the tigers in the alcs saturday. >>> now, the as were supposed to lose 100 games, remember? no. they defied all the odds. they won the rest of the last day of the regular season. it took a epic pitching performance by justin verlander just to stop them. talk about fan appreciation. nobody wanted to leave the coliseum last night after the tigers beat the as. >> let's go oakland! >> yup. the fans wanted a curtain call. they would have had like to have advanced to the alcs but the as really appreciated the fan support. >> we battle for them all year gave it our all for them and they did the same for us. they are out there waving those towels. everybody there cheering us on even at 6-0. >> we brought baseball back to oakland. there's going to be some people keeping the oakland as hat tight throughout our off season. >>> today it was time to pack up. guys were clearing out their lockers as they head home. shaw
but in the end another lefty with bay area connections does come through. vallejo's own c.c. sabathia take it is ball and does not give it back until it's complete. it was scoreless in the fourth. raul ibanez a mere single this time that breaks a scoreless tie. mark texeria scoring 1-0. then just let cc do his thing. a complete game four hitter, 3- 1 the final. now the yankees win the series and host detroit game one saturday night in the bronx. >>> hello does anyone remember the 49ers are hosting the new york giants. rematch of the title game at candle stick. it was a good game and nobody was paying attention to it. they can taste the super bowl. >> we wanted that game bad. we wanted it i mean, more than anything in the world. i mean we were right there. everyone was fired up, momentum was on our side. and then we you know we started to lose it. they outplayed us. we made some mistakes and pretty much cost us the game. >> we all remember what happened in overtime first in our high school game of the week series. overtime great job by the voters to pick this thing. fremont of sunny vale ve
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